Safe and non-toxic
Palladium lipoic complexes
have been extensively tested
under laboratory conditions
and have been used for more
than eight years as a dietary
supplement. Animal toxicology
and safety studies indicate
that palladium lipoic complex
is safe even when
administered at very
high levels.

Most individuals notice a
difference in how they feel
within 2-4 weeks. Some
individuals have seen positive
results (i.e. energy improvement
and increased appetite) in a
matter of days.
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How Do Smoking and Alcohol Affect Your Potency?

Scientists confirmed harmful effects of bad habits on the human body pretty long ago. It is well known that tobacco and alcohol consumption can cause erectile dysfunction. Sooner or later every man asks himself: how big is the influence of smoking and alcohol on erection?

To understand how tobacco affects a man’s condition, you should find out about harmful substances in the smoke. Some of them are:

  • Carbon monoxide;
  • Ammonia;
  • Hydrocyanic acid;
  • Ethylene;
  • Isoprene.

These chemical compounds prevent the passage of oxygen and the flow of blood to the tissues and blood vessels. This leads to decrease in excitation and deterioration in the composition of sperm.

Nicotine and Erectile Dysfunction

Nicotine adversely affects erection and the quality of sperm (the process of sperm renewal slows down). Male sex cells become less active, their DNA changes. The amount of mobile sperm seriously decreases. Vessels and capillaries become narrower, the blood condenses and reaches the penis in smaller quantities.

Often it is difficult for a man to recognize sexual problems. He thinks that failures in sexual intercourses are connected with fatigue and nerves. Some men are waiting for several years until they decide to visit a urologist. During this period of time sexual dysfunction can reach its peak, and treatment of impotence will not be easy. Therefore, it is recommended to contact doctors immediately when you notice the first signs of erectile dysfunction. Appropriate treatment with modern medications like generic Cialis will recover your erection really quickly.

What about Alcohol?

To overcome awkwardness, men often consume alcohol before sex. This dangerous habit can lead to alcoholism and failure to get an erection. The use of alcoholic beverages will give a feeling of euphoria, but after that the dependence on alcohol will become so strong that even the idea of intimacy will look unreal without it.

Mechanism of Action

Alcohol in such beverages as vodka, cognac, wine and beer is absorbed into the bloodstream and enters the human brain. This causes malfunction in the work of the nervous system due to alternating constriction and expansion of the vessels. At the same time, the metabolism in the cells of the genital organs slows down. Sexual contact under the influence of alcohol leads to the fact that the time of a sexual intercourse increases, but sensitivity decreases.

Regular use of alcohol causes not only erectile dysfunction, but also infertility, since ethyl alcohol negatively affects the quality of sperm. Also it reduces the amount of testosterone that determines sexual behavior. This can lead to decrease in libido, and sex interest will disappear.

So think twice when you are going to drink alcohol or smoke, as it can lead to serious problems with your health condition, which will require long and serious treatment.