Safe and non-toxic
Palladium lipoic complexes
have been extensively tested
under laboratory conditions
and have been used for more
than eight years as a dietary
supplement. Animal toxicology
and safety studies indicate
that palladium lipoic complex
is safe even when
administered at very
high levels.

Most individuals notice a
difference in how they feel
within 2-4 weeks. Some
individuals have seen positive
results (i.e. energy improvement
and increased appetite) in a
matter of days.
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Hormones and Methods of Male Contraception

Speaking of contraception for men we usually mean condoms. It’s no secret that most men strongly dislike these latex things. Once a man is in a stable condition and (presumably) out of the danger of STDs, he immediately seeks to get rid of condoms. In addition to partner’s consent, the use of condoms has a number of other nuances:

  • Storage conditions;
  • Shelf life;
  • Availability of water-based lubricants;
  • Uncomfortable application.

But their effectiveness when used correctly is 98%. What other ways of contraception can provide such level of safety, but at the same time be more “user-friendly”? Let’s discuss below.

Hormonal Male Contraception

Unfortunately, the peculiarities of the male organism do not allow to use the same algorithm which is used for female hormonal contraception. The mechanism of female hormonal drugs action is not easy to explain:

A specially selected dose of a female hormone (progesterone) informs the body that the fertilization has occurred, which means that there is no need for ovulation. And the activity of the ovaries is temporarily suspended. A small dose of estrogen (hormone produced in the bodies of both women (by the ovaries) and men (in testicles) maintains the hormonal balance, performing the function of “asleep” ovaries.

Such pills are called combined – they contain a combination of progesterone and estrogen. Unlike a woman, a man is always ready for procreation: tens of millions of spermatozoa are produced daily. And, in order to suppress this activity, you need huge doses of hormones. That affects the libido up to complete loss of attraction.

Despite the difficulties, pharmaceutical giants are striving to create a safe and effective miracle medication, such an ideal contraceptive for men. The aim of research is choice of the dose and regularity of taking female hormone progesterone, which inhibits the production of sperm. Ideally, spermatozoa are produced, but are not “ripened”. Sexual desire, oppressed by female hormone to almost zero, is supported by additional doses of the male hormone testosterone or special medications like generisk cialis. At the moment, several hormonal contraception methods are being put in the test mode.

Combined Implant

It contains two sex hormones – testosterone and progesterone, which gradually permeate the blood during 3-4 months. The effect lasts for a year, however, it is reversible, and no serious side effects have been detected so far.

Uncombined Implant + Injections

Implants are injected under the skin, from which the hormone of the progesterone group, which blocks the formation of spermatozoa, continuously permeates the blood. It is active for three years. At the same time every 4-6 weeks it is necessary to have testosterone injections that will support your sexual function.

As we see, hormonal contraception for males is not fantastic anymore. But still more research is needed to decrease a number of side effects and bring those medications to the market.